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Ethical Mind Influencing Mastery

Mind Influencing Mastery 2.2


Master the Art & Science of Ethical Mind Influencing based on GOPTA-NLP Framework to
  Convert More Clients
  Boost Your Sales
  Triple Your Profits

Stop living a ‘compromised life’

Unlock your true potential

Do you feel stuck with lack of clarity and purpose in life?
Do you feel that due to your lack of ability to communicate with conviction & clarity, your relationships and client conversions are getting hampered?
Do you also feel various disempowering beliefs stopping you from achieving your desired outcomes?
Do you feel acute stress managing your business, team, and clients and fear losing out every single day?
Majority of us live with this phenomena. We don’t unleash our full potential, labelling our limiting patterns as 'destiny' causing limiting success.

Though the truth is ‘light-years’ far from this.

The truth is - we can train our brain to take control of our life and guide it to achieve our most ambitious goals. All it requires is to resolve to transform self to get a breakthrough.
And that Breakthrough & Massive Transformation starts with…

Ethical Mind Influencing Mastery

This one single program has helped countless people to shatter their all limiting inner-beliefs
and take-back control of their life by improving communications and modeling strategies of
success and growth in quick succession.

It is based on a dazzling fusion of:

GOPTA Framework

This is an ultimate growth model created by Dr. Sanjay Agarwal.

It helps people unleash their true potential, become far more productive & accountable, utilise their time in goals oriented manner, and live an inspiring life of a leader.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

NLP helps you achieve personal & professional excellence by consciously programming the cognitive, sensory, communicative, behavioral, and emotional faculties.

With this science you would develop instant confidence, communicative edge and greater convincing power.

Mass Influencing Framework

Mass Influencing Framework containing a combination of numerous systems to have control over conversations & guide others towards desired outcomes with subconscious influencing cues.

This skill-set is absolutely critical in this modern era of globalization and cut-throat competition and brings you that unfair advantage over your competitors.

This ultimate recipe of growth and communicative intelligence is uniquely designed to help
you master your mindset, develop winning habits, champion the persuasive communication
and ultimately win at every stage of life - personal & professional.

 Who should join?

Though the technologies, tools and strategies shared in this program are beneficial to the people from all walks of life & background...

It is especially a MUST-ATTEND PROGRAM FOR:

   Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
   Solopreneurs & Startup Founders
   Working Professionals
   Coaches & Teachers
   Financial Advisors
   Network Marketers
...and all those who want to take their business to a new growth trajectory.


This is not just another ‘bookish’ or a ‘copy-paste’ motivational program. What you will learn is comparable to what it takes a lifetime to learn (and Million Dollars as investment). It’s deep (really deep), demanding & truly transformative.

Join this program only when you are 100% ready to experience a profound personal transformation on a cellular level.

 What will you learn?

Here are quick highlights of the high-octane training spread over 4 modules (20 Days):


Day 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • Understanding the Power of GOPTA NLP Framework
  • Golden Strategies of Modeling Excellence of Self & Others
  • Communication Strategies for Better Relationships
  • In-depth Understanding of Operating Drivers & Filters in Communication
  • And Much More


Day 5, 6, 7 & 8

  • The Importance & Methodology of Goals & Science of Achieving the Same
  • The 7 Pillars of Success
  • Revolutionary Life Focus Triangle to Maintain a Balance among Different Walks of Life
  • A 5-Step System to Overcome all Your Limiting Beliefs, and
  • Discovering 12 Core Beliefs of Excellence


Day 9, 10 & 11

  • Importance of Effective Time Utilization Skills
  • Productivity Enhancing Protocols of Prioritization
  • 3 Deadly Sins against Good Quality Sleep & How to Overcome it


Day 12 to 20

  • 11 Pillars of Communicative Intelligence to Become a Master Influencer
  • The Art of Calibration, Rapport, Building Atmosphere of Trust at Unconscious Levels
  • P.R.O. Model of Thinking
  • Science of Living in the ‘Present’ Moment
  • Importance of Establishing Congruence among Values, Identity & Purpose
  • The 'Graphic Equaliser' Concept to Modify Past Memories
  • Maintaining Mental, Physical & Emotional (MPE) State

 How it will benefit you?

By the end of this enriching program, You would be able to:

Maximize your results by setting compelling well-formed outcome

Improve your communications in ways that enhance understanding and interest

Understand situations from different points of view and be able to take effective & balanced decisions to gain the co-operation and commitment of everyone involved

Build quality relationships, based on trust and confidence through rapport

Personal congruence between your values, identity & purpose

Improve your language during communications with others and more importantly - with self

Create a personal development strategy enabling you to continue to enhance your ability to learn, grow and succeed.

And, much-much more...

Success Stories

“Turned My Business Around.”

Dr. Sanjay helped our senior team improve internal communication and focus on individual strengths.

With team alignment in place, we recovered and took our business sailed-through the pandemic with ease.

Akhilesh Chitlangia
(COO & Executive Director, Duroply Industries Limited)

“Thanks to Dr. Sanjay, I found purpose of my life.”

He made me goals oriented, focussed and determined to achieve all of my life goals.

I am blessed to have him guide me in this journey.

Yogeshwar YC
(Enterpreneur & GUIDE)

“I am more focused & more precise towards my goals.”

All because of my Guru Dr. Sanjay & his GOPTA strategies.

My personal & professional relationships have become more enriched using Communicative Intelligence.

Ravi R. Kumar
(International Stock Market Trading Coach)

“Scaling my business is no more a distant dream.”

All my life I struggled with communication as well as behavioral pattern problems.

Dr. Sanjay broke those limiting patterns and empowered me to transform my business & my life.

Sameer Kaila
(Founder, DhanCreators)

Meet Your Coach:

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal

To pursue his passion to transform lives of millions of people across the globe, Dr. Sanjay left his coveted job of 25 years - with the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

He is a renowned Growth Accelerator Coach, GOPTA-NLP Trainer, Speaker and an Amazon Bestselling Author.

He is creator of the GOPTA-NLP Framework which has disrupted the industry with incredible results.

He is also the Founder of International GOPTA NLP Academy & the Organizer of International NLP Confex for Business Excellence, 2021.

Today G.O.P.T.A. is a worldwide popular concept bringing worldwide acclaims for him including Honorary Doctorate of Excellence in Management from Young Scientist University, California, USA.

He has authored the two best-selling books - 'How To Add 1000 Productive Hours A Year To Your Life' and 'Sleep - It's Body Repair Time'.

Since 20+ years Dr. Sanjay has helped hundreds of business owners & professionals achieve their desired goals with his proprietary - “Ethical Mind Influencing Mastery Program”.

Join now to get on the path to achieve nearly-instant results, comparable to what would normally take years to achieve.

The next batch is starting on:

26th Sept, 2022

Every Monday & Wednesday   .   8 pm to 9.30 pm (IST)   .   Upcoming Session Dates as Follows:


Your investment

The actual fee for this high caliber program - where Dr. Sanjay would guide you through every process and would oversee your personal transformation over a period of 3 months is Rs. 1.50 Lakhs.

But since Dr. Sanjay is passionate & committed to help as many people as possible during this challenging time he is offering his signature program at a fraction of the regular price… i.e. just Rs. 59,000+GST ($899 + 18% GST for overseas bookings). Early Bird fee till 15 Sept, Rs. 39,000 + GST ($799 + 18% GST for overseas bookings for a minimum batch size of 6)

Have a query or want to book a call with Dr. Sanjay? click here to proceed.

And, rest assured...

Your Investment is 101% Risk-Free

Dr. Sanjay believes you should have a ‘peace of mind’ while enrolling and doing this course. So he has made it 101% Risk-Free for you.

Attend all the sessions, take home all the transformative content, strategies & invaluable learnings and still at the end of program if you feel like it has not impacted you a bit, you will get your money back. No questions asked.

The invaluable learnings you received will remain with you as gift from Dr. Sanjay.

Experience the G.O.P.T.A Wave across India

Here’s everything you get when you join

20 sessions spread over 3 months of quest packed with deep insights and powerful exercises during LIVE Online sessions by Dr. Sanjay Agarwal.

5 Workbooks containing Ethical Mind Influencing Mastery Blueprint - for FREE!

Access to WhatsApp group of like-minded community to share & receive wisdoms.

101% unconditional money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this program is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.

Access to Exclusive Facebook Group specially meant for discussions amongst participants of Ethical Mind Influencing Mastery Program only.

One FREE recap of full program (online version).

Knowledge-packed and action-oriented Monthly Alumni Meet at a nominal cost.

Or, should you need more details how this program will help you
in your business and your life circumstances, please fill the form below.

Let us Answer Your Queries

Nothing is more urgent than working on self potential and learning the art of persuasive communication to create more winning opportunities. And to achieve this, no one offers better perspective and action steps than Dr. Sanjay.

Anant Kasibhatla

(Focus and Memory Coach, Limca book of records holder for memory)