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[FREE MASTERCLASS] Ethical Mind Influencing 2.0


This is Probably YOUR BEST BET to Experience a New Revolution...

Influencing Communications

Discover Persuasive Art of NLP and Power of GOPTA Framework to
Master Your Sales Pitch, Crack Sales Objections & Maximise Your Profits in a breeze.
7th February Sunday (11 am to 1 pm). Join Online for FREE!

Warning: This Masterclass is for serious entrepreneurs & professionals only. It could be your
Secret Weapon for Transforming Your Sales Process and Doubling Your Conversion Rates.

During this 2-hours action-packed masterclass...

You will discover -

3 fail-proof protocols to become more influential without appearing pushy, needy, or aggressive.
5 Communicative Intelligence Techniques to take control of conversations, overcome objections & drive communication to your desired outcome.
One lesser-known Communicative Intelligence Technique to overcome objections and get ‘YES’ more often to convert more clients.
Dr. Sanjay will also share 6 Mind-Jacking Maneuvers to powerfully influence your customer to make a decision - exactly what you want him to make.

This will be the FIRST MASTERCLASS by Dr. Sanjay in 2021. It starts in...

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Meet the presenter of this masterclass

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal

GOPTA NLP Trainer & Creator of Mass Influencing Framework

Dr. Sanjay Agarwal is a renowned Growth Accelerator Coach, GOPTA NLP Trainer and a Bestselling Author. With his revolutionary “Ethical Mind Influencing Framework 2.0” he helps people to grow in their personal & professional lives.

He believes that working on self is the most important aspect of success, as under-achievement to your own potential is another name of failure. Since 2 decades he has helped hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs & professionals transform their lives and achieve their desired goals. It is his passion for which he even left his coveted job in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

He created fusion of his trademark growth model GOPTA with the concepts of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and sharpened it with various communicative intelligence modalities to invent an ultimate growth model GOPTA NLP. “Ethical Mind Influencing Framework 2.0" is based on this science.

GOPTA is a worldwide popular concept bringing worldwide acclaims for him including Honorary Doctorate of Excellence in Management from Young Scientist University, California, USA.

These 2 Hours Of Time Is Your
Most High-Return Investment Right Now!

In this 2-hours Masterclass, Dr. Sanjay Agarwal is going to reveal his top-guarded Mind-Jacking Principles that will act as a driving force for your profound professional & personal success. And, this is probably the last masterclass for next few months.

Hurry, Reserve Your Seat!

Date & Time: 7th February, Sunday (11 am to 1 pm) | Only Few Seats Left

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To get the free copy of cheatsheets and blueprints of “Ethical Mind Influencing 2.0” system at the end of the masterclass.

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